ReDGE Database (2017/18)

To promote the development of the green economy in the Western Cape, the Western Cape Government would like to encourage collaboration between stakeholders, including those in government, industry and academia. To enable this, a database of experts doing Research & Development (R&D) for the Green Economy (ReDGE) has been established.

Goal, scope and access

The ReDGE database is freely available as a resource (in excel form) to government, industry and researchers below and via the 110% Green website.

It is important to note that the ReDGE database is a self-reported database of government, industry and academic experts currently conducting R&D in the green economy space. It is therefore not complete or exhaustive. Indeed, some of the key researchers in the field have expressly asked not to be listed, as they are already inundated with requests for information and/or collaboration. However, it is the intent that this database be used to identify key institutions, departments and centres doing R&D for the green economy in the Western Cape, and their focus areas, so that those who would like to collaborate or would like R&D support in the Western Cape have a starting point for initiating conversations with relevant institutions and researchers. 

Many researchers outside of the Western Cape have also provided their details to be listed. To promote national and international collaboration, those entries have been retained. The database currently has 297 entries. The diagrams at the end of this document provide an indication of the distribution of entries in terms of type, location and focus areas.

How to access and use the database

Download the ReDGE database here.

The database has two sheets: INSTRUCTIONS and ReDGE.

The INSTRUCTIONS sheet explains how to search for particular information on the ReDGE sheet that contains the database. (e.g. how to search for researchers with particular focus areas, from particular institutions etc.).

How to correct errors in the database

For any errors that need to be corrected, including to be removed from the list, contact the GreenCape communications team here.

How to be added to the database

If you would like to add your details to this database, you are encouraged to do so. Use this link to add your details and please send this link ( on to anyone who you think should be on the database. To ensure that you are not overlooked when expertise is needed, please try to be comprehensive. Also, be as specific as possible to prevent being contacted unnecessarily.

ReDGE update 2018/19

The ReDGE database will be updated in the second half of 2018 (July – Dec 2018).

The intent is for the database to become more comprehensive in terms of:

  • Representation of researchers who are doing R&D for the Green Economy in the Western Cape (we aim to collect data from more institutions and more individuals from those institutions)
  • Information on research activities (we aim to collect more specific data on relevant current and past projects, as well type of services provided, collaboration needs/interest etc.)

Feedback on ReDGE 2017/18

We would welcome feedback on the current ReDGE 2017/18 database to gauge how useful it is to stakeholders in government, industry and academia, as well as to improve the database in 2018/19 (e.g. in terms of content, usability etc.).

Please contact us to send any feedback you have.

Database statistics  - types of institutions, location and focus areas

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