SSEG resource pack for municipalities (AMEU-SALGA)
  Mar 30, 2017     Library, News

The South African Energy journey finds itself at an exciting juncture. Local utilities have the space to look at sustainable energy solutions that will provide a reliable and secure supply of electricity into the future. Rapidly increasing electricity prices, significant decreases in the price of renewable energy and the economic impact of the energy transition have created a large demand for viable alternatives energy sources. The clean energy revolution presents South Africa with an exciting opportunity to tackle numerous issues linked to the universal provision of safe and affordable energy to all citizens. Traditional energy development can be leapfrogged by transitioning directly to a more sustainable technology, while avoiding the dirty energy legacy of most developed countries. One of the important elements of this clean energy revolution is small scale embedded generation.

A resource pack for municipalities has been developed by a working group, comprising officials from: 

  • South African Metropolitan Municipalities
  • The Association of Municipalities Electricity Utilities (AMEU) 
  • The South African Local Government Association (SALGA)
  • The GreenCape Sector Development Agency (GreenCape) 
  • Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA)
  • The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeith, GmbH (GIZ).

The resource pack guides municipal electricity departments on the adoption of small scale embedded generation. The documents below that comprise the resource pack should be seen as “recommended templates” which can be modified by municipalities.

1.Requirements for Embedded Generation

2.SSEG Application Form

3.SSEG Supply Contract

4.SSEG Commissioning Form

5.SSEG Decommissioning Form