Big Mike drives the EV!
  Aug 22, 2019     #FollowourEV, Sustainable Transport, Smart Electricity, Green Tech, green economy, greentech, Cape Town, carbon, GreenCape, general, News

GreenCape has recently partnered with BMW South Africa to arrange a year-long paid-for lease of a BMW i3 electric vehicle (EV). By replacing one of the three leased vehicles in the company fleet with the BMW i3, we hope to explore the new world of EVs, identifying some of unexpected positives and challenges in this fast emerging sector in South Africa.

Keen observers are welcome to follow our journey both here, and on twitter (@thegreencape) where we will be posting updates on our EV using the hastag #FollowourEV.

As part of the process, we've asked our staff to write down their thoughts following their first experience of driving the EV and we will periodically be publishing these. It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway, the views expressed in these write ups are those of the individual concerned, and do not necessarily reflect GreenCape's stand point.

This week we hear from our CEO, Mike Mulcahy.
Today (July 11th) was my first drive of the i3! 
It was a thrilling experience. I am not really a car guy, but that driving experience was remarkable. 
We drove to the Tygerberg hospital precinct and back, the acceleration, comfort, navigation system, sunroof, sound system, reverse camera, regenerative braking and range accuracy were pretty awesome. (We also got to show it off to a bunch of very impressed government officials). 
We only used 18% of the charge to travel over 50km - that with over 200kg of humans in the car and testing out all the features! 
I'd like to say a MASSIVE thanks BMW and to Ian Scrimgeour for arranging this!
- Mike Mulcahy, GreenCape CEO