Biogas Case study: Adapting waste-to-energy interventions for seasonal demand
  Oct 22, 2020     News, Library, biogas, biowaste, Bioeconomy, Document, waste, GreenCape, greentech, green economy, Green Tech, Case Study, Renewable Energy

GreenCape, supported by the Western Cape Government, has published a case study that explores how Elgin Fruit Juice, a leading fruit processor in Grabouw, uses anaerobic digestion and biogas as a sustainable method of extracting value from waste in the food processing/agriculture sector, particularly when there is reliable market usage for the biogas produced.

The case study further showcases why seasonal demand should not be seen as a deterrent to implementing such solutions, as various alternative utilisation pathways are available.

Elgin Fruit Juice installed an anaerobic digester to convert wet pomace (30t) waste fruit (7200t) and biomass from surrounding farms (600t) into methane rich biogas, and then into 527 kW electricity and 650 kW thermal energy in a combined heat and power (CHP) unit. This provides improvements in plant efficiency, 20-40% savings in the operational energy costs and reduced demand on the service provider’s grid.

To find out more about the case study, click here.