BioHeat Profitability Assessment Calculator
  Jun 7, 2017     Library

Bioenergy for business has produced an excel based tool to help consider the economic prefeasibility of biomass heating systems, enabling a general comparison fossil fuel heating systems and discounted cash flow analysis. The scopes of this Excel-Tool is for biomass heating plants with and without district heating networks, in a capacity range from 0.1 to 20 MW.

The B4B BioHeat Profitability Calculator can be used for a comparison of the economic efficiency (pre-feasibility level) of mid-scale, solid biomass and fossil fuel fired (district & in-house) heat-only plants (in 9 languages - *note you may need to look up some definitions in the manual tab).

The Calculator contains country-specific reference values for investment (of various plant components) and for outgoing and incoming payments (price base 2015 of 12 countries - *note all countries are European).

Please note that all this does not have the technical depth to replace site specific planning and should not be used to make investment decisions but merely act as a guide when it may be worth considering.


For more information see the blog post on RECPnet for more a comprehensive overview of the excel tool that is downloadable there as well as the user instructions.