Builders' Rubble: Opportunities In Processing And Reuse View
  Aug 24, 2016     Library, GreenCape, Cape Town, Industry Brief

Key insights and opportunities from this GreenCape business case are summarised in this short brief
About 85% of builders’ rubble (mineral component) is landfilled in South Africa, in spite of its re-use potential. Based on international experience, the biggest opportunity is in road construction.

  • A key contributing factor to success in reuse of builders' rubble – both locally and globally – is operating at a regional scale, due to the low value of the material relative to logistics costs.
  • We have noted a rapid growth in the market for builders’ rubble in Cape Town, with crushing companies largely supplying material to private sector construction.
  • We expect the market to continue to grow, with the cost of virgin material rising and the expected landfill disposal fees increasingly driving the economy.

 A full report on the business case is still being finalised. To further discuss the possibilities and the opportunities contact GreenCape.