Business Opportunities in Waste
  Dec 14, 2016     News, opportunity, Wisp, Sarebi

Are you looking for business opportunities in the waste economy?


WISP is looking for implementation partners to set up and run businesses that use waste streams as value-creating inputs.
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Applications close on 14 January 2017. Information Day to be held on 20 January 2017.

The Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme (WISP) is recruiting candidates for an Enterprise Development Programme in the Western Cape. WISP has enlisted the South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator (Sarebi), to implement this Enterprise Development initiative. Read more about WISP here.
Sarebi works with entrepreneurs who are trying to establish or grow small and medium business in the Renewable and Energy Efficiency sectors by offering business support and applying appropriate business development interventions.
WISP identified 13 proven business opportunities through intensive industry engagement and data have been obtained to verify offtake-agreements.  Sarebi will match suitable entrepreneurs to take on the challenge! The waste that was identified is typically not taken up by large companies and this creates a diversion and recycling opportunity for smaller entrepreneurs.
The business opportunities are:
Textile Processing; Cardboard Core Processing; Cardboard Core Containers; Pallet Recycling; Wood Chipping; Lighting Rental as a Service; Small Scale Embedded Generation; On- and Off- Site Paper Pulp / Effluent Tech; Contaminated Bentonite Processing; Foundry Sand Value Add; Paper Recycler/Dehydration of Waste Streams; and a Material Recovery Facilitation.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity of:

  • going through a comprehensive business development course
  • developing a business plan
  • receive mentoring support services
  • receive operational support services (Industrial Relations, HR, Accounting and IT support) only after a successful pitching outcome
  • access to market

Candidate Profile:
If you are currently running your own small business or would like to start a new business in any of the following 13 identified fields, you may benefit from this programme. In order to apply, you need to meet the following minimum criteria;

  1. Have an understanding of the waste sector
  2. Have the technical capacity to run a business in the waste and energy sector
  3. Be an entrepreneurial minded person with an aptitude for running a business
  4. Qualify as either an new business start-up, or (EME) Exempted Micro Enterprise, or (QSE) Qualifying Small Enterprise.

 *EME: Annual Total Revenue of R10 million or less | * QSE: Annual Total Revenue of R50 Million or less
About the Incubation Programme:
Successful Candidates will be selected to join the Masterclass and Pre-incubation Programme at Sarebi which will run over a 5 month period starting in February 2017. As part of the Masterclass and Pre-incubation Programmes, business owners will work with a team of experienced people who will assist them with setting up and/or enhancing their businesses. They will also receive formal training on various aspects of running a successful business as well as having access to a business coach for the duration of the programme.
Application Process:
Kindly ensure that you complete the online form by 14 January 2017. There will be a briefing day on 20 January 2017 to present the business opportunities and incubation programme in more detail. Click here to RSVP! For questions email Elize Hattingh, the Incubation Manager at:
The Business Opportunities:

Idea Description
1 Textile Processing: An operation that separates textile thread from industrial strength cores and processors textile offcuts from industries in Atlantis. They could either be stockpiled or shredded for sale to a locally based textile recycler.
2 Cardboard Core Processing: Establish an operation that processors the industrial strength cores (from which textile thread is wrapped). Once shredded there could be sold to fibre recyclers based in Atlantis, or sent to Piketberg to the PPC cement. Could be linked to Idea 1.
3 Cardboard Core Containers: Use the cores to manufacture some sort of container for storage. The cores are interesting looking cores that are funky and great for containers.
4 Pallet Recycling: Establish a pallet collection, processing and recycling / refurbishing facility in Atlantis to serve Atlantis, Cape Town, Saldanha and surrounding companies.
5 Wood Chipping: A chipping operation to use wood material (offcuts from a wood company, pallets [link to idea 4] and alien veg) could be used to feed a biomass boiler or fire wood in Atlantis. Ash from boiler could be used by a brick manufacturer.
6 Lighting Rental as a Service: Operation to manufacture, install and maintain lighting hardware to provide lighting as a service in Atlantis. Business do not purchase hardware but rent the "light" from a service provider. To take the disposal burden away from business and allows the service provider to stockpile large volumes of E-waste and make it viable for refurbishing/recycling. Could link with local LED manufacturer).
7 SSEG Energy: Operation to set up rooftop solar to feed into a system and/or back onto the grid to offset energy costs. May also be able to link this to Small Scale Embedded Generation and idea 6 whereby lighting service could link their lighting service with a PV energy service provider.
8 On Site Paper Pulp / Effluent Tech: Pyrolysis / Gasification tech to process both their paper pulp (including plastic/fibre) and also effluent water from a paper manufacturer.
9 Off Site Paper Pulp / Effluent Tech: An egg box manufacturer also produces similar waste to the paper manufacturers in the area, but not a viable amount to justify setting up pyrolysis plant on site. A company could transport the egg box manufacturer’s waste to the pyrolysis plant. This would require a waste license.
10 Contaminated Bentonite Processing: An operation to process PET contaminated bentonite from a nonwoven geotextile manufacturer to a quality product for either resale back to the geotextile manufacturer, a nearby foundry, or other offtakers.
11 Foundry Sand Value Add: Value add operation to process contaminated foundry sand to a value add product such as bricks or reusable material.
12 Paper Recycler/Dehydration of Waste Streams: Paper recycler dewatering operation to reduce volume (and subsequent landfill gate fees) and to downgrade waste from hazardous making it easier to divert to a solution.
13 Material Recovery Facilitation: Establish a Material Recovery Facility in Atlantis to service companies between Saldanha and Atlantis whose waste is on-route to Vissershok landfill. Maybe an opportunity to link with waste management company. Could link to idea 8 / 9.