Cape Town's Green Sectors
  Aug 17, 2020     Document, News, waste, water, GreenCape, Cape Town, renewable, greentech, green economy, Green Tech, waste sector desk, water sector desk, Renewable Energy, Energy Services

GreenCape, in partnership with the City of Cape Town, has published an infographic which provides a high level overview of the state of Cape Town's green economy.

By surveying our members, we have been able to compile a summary of the state of the city's green sectors, with an emphasis being placed on the renewable energy, water and waste sectors.

Stakeholders from these sectors can get in touch with our sector desks by contacting our energy team, water team and circular economy team.

To access the infographic, click here.

To acces the summarised data specific to each sector, click the sector name:

Please note that this data was captured and analysed prior to the Covid-19 outbreak and must be viewed with consideration of the subsequent economic impacts felt as a consequence of the pandemic.