Case Study: City Sightseeing go water independent
  29/10/2018     Document, water, GreenCape, Cape Town, Case Study, water sector desk, News

GreenCape have been working with companies to showcase example of alternative and reduced water use in their respective business sectors. City Sightseeing South Africa are an example of a company in the tourism sector that have done this as they have secured their own water supply by commissioning a desalination plant and water efficient technologies.

City Sightseeing South Africa is a tourism service travel operator which offers guided tours of main city attractions by foot, bus or boat. The ongoing drought has presented them with a challenging environment in which to sustain operations.

City Sightseeing have invested in a number of water-efficient measures including installing water meters to track water use, retrofitting ablution facilities with tap aerators and lowflow shower heads, providing buckets in showers for grey water collection, putting volume-displacing objects into toilet cisterns, and harvesting air conditioner condensate for onsite cleaning, washing of buses, and for handwashing. City Sightseeing also invested in a desalination plant capable of producing potable water, making them independent of the municipal water grid. As a result, they reduced water consumption from 8 to 0.02 kilolitres per day.

See their case study here