Circular economy & biomass valorisation trade mission to South Africa
  04/07/2018     News, waste, biowaste, green economy, waste sector desk, Bioeconomy

GreenCape has been assisting the Dutch with the delivery of two key projects in South Afirca since 2016. The first project is concerned with developing a thriving "waste economy", whilst the second project is focused on "biomass valorisation". Both aim to assist in developing a resource efficient economy within South Africa.

Between 22 - 25 May 2018, a Dutch trade mission visited South Africa as part of this ongoing collaboration with GreenCape. The mission had two primary objectives. The first was to identify South African companies with an appetite to partner with Dutch companies. The second objective was to share knowledge with policy makers from local, provincial and national government; as well, as material associations. 

To achieve this, two key sessions were held: 

Business Session (23 May 2018):

This was a knowledge sharing and profiling session. The Dutch provided an introduction to the Circular Economy, and the journey the Netherlands is taking to reach this. The profiling session was an opportunity for the Dutch to engage with businesses to identify key opportunities to collaborate, and to profile companies. Presentations from this session are listed and can be downloaded below:

    1. GreenCape Intro
    2. Rijkswaterstaat
    3. Artradius
    4. EU Funding
    5. Rijkswaterstaat - Sustainable Waste Management
    6. Acceleratio - Circular Economy Business Models*
    7. Rijkswaterstaat - Circular Economy
    8. Acceleratio - Circular Economy Plastics*
    9. Acceleration Circular Economy Ewaste 

Government Session (24 May 2018):

This was a knowledge sharing session. The Dutch presented on the experience the Dutch have had concerning the "Circular Economy" and, of particular relevance, "Extended Producer Responsibility". This session targeted various policies at local, provincial and national government, and those affecting industry associations. Presentations from this session are listed and can be downloaded below. 

    1. Rijkswaterstaat - Circular Economy Intro
    2. Rijkswaterstaat - Sustainable Waste Management
    3. Rijkswaterstaat - End Producer Responsibility
    4. Rijkswaterstaat - Update Weee EU
    5. Acceleratio - Circular Economy - Ewaste
    6. Rijkswaterstaat - Policy Instruments for Packaging
    7. Acceleratio - Circular Economy - Plastics
    8. Acceleratio - Circular Economy - Policies Regulation Focus*
    9. Rijkswaterstaat - Circular Economy Green Deals
    10. RVO Renewable Energy Netherlands
    11. GreenCape Renewable Energy Overview
    12. Bioenergy Netherlands

Going forward a Dutch trade mission of organisers and companies will be attending WasteCon 2018 [Clickin Johannesburg from 15 - 18 October 2018. The intention of the Dutch team is to link its companies interested in collaborating / partnering with South African companies using the profiles developed at the Business Session as well as opportunties already identified. As WasteCon draws closer, the Dutch will be engaging with the businesses to set up meetings / engagements to discuss potential partnerships.

To view the mission report click here.

*To view the presentations marked with an asterisk please contact us*