City of Cape Town’s wastewater sludge quality and quantity
  Oct 5, 2020     News, Document, waste, water, GreenCape, South Africa, Cape Town, greentech, green economy, waste sector desk, water sector desk, value-add to organic residues

GreenCape is undertaking a project, funded by the City of Cape Town, to identify potential landfill diversion of primary sludge and beneficiation solutions to the management of the City’s dewatered wastewater sludges and future digestate cake.

Two key regulatory changes have driven the need for the beneficiation of wastewater sludges:

  1. As of August 2019, the nationwide ban of liquid waste disposal to landfill came into effect
  2. Furthermore, the Western Cape Provincial Government has implemented an organic waste strategy that seeks to phase in organic waste landfill restrictions. In effect, all local municipalities within the Western Cape are required to reduce the landfilling of organics by 50% by 2022, and 100% by 2027.

This data is being published as part of a request for information from organisations that are interested in this opportunity and would like to make the City aware of their possible solutions. Organisations that are interested in this opportunity, are invited to submit information on their solutions to GreenCape by the end of 16 November 2020.

To submit information, please click this link.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not part of a formal procurement process, but rather an opportunity for GreenCape and the City of Cape Town to gain insights into potential circular economy solutions for the management and final beneficiation or disposal of the City’s dewatered sludges and future digestate cake.

To access data on the City's sludge quality and quantity, download this file.

For more information and any queries, please contact Rudi Botha.