CSIR’s outlook for country's future electricity mix is cheaper, saves water and excludes coal and nuclear
  Nov 4, 2016     News, CSIR

In the absence of an update to the outdated national Integrated Resource Plan for Electricity, IRP2010-2030, the CSIR Energy Centre has presented its own study to re-optimise the South African power capacity and energy mix from 2016 to 2040. 

Interesting conclusions on the re-optimized, least-cost mix of power to 2040: 

  • The need for new coal and new nuclear power is completely removed.
  • The mix will save the economy c.R330-billion over this period, rising to R87-billion per annum by 2040.
  • Water usage some 60% lower than that of the “business as usual” scenario, with a saving of 40-billion litres of water per annum by 2040.

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