ERA E-Waste Industry Waste Management Plan
  18/07/2018     News, waste, DEA, recycling, green economy, waste sector desk

South Africa is on the brink of adopting a new national plan to handle the estimated 360 000 tonnes of e-waste produced annually. Of that, currently only 25 000 to 35 000 tonnes is being recycled. The Minister of Environmental Affairs has called for a waste management plan to address the challenges and opportunities presented by electronic waste.

The E-waste Recycling Authority NPC (ERA NPC) has been working on a plan that will not only improve e-waste management in South Africa, but also create employment opportunities and keep costs reasonable for the producers of electronic goods.

ERA NPC is a product responsibility organisation that recognises the multiple stakeholders that have to play a role in the electronic waste problem.

ERA members include: the Information Technology Association, with more than 200 members who account for as much as 50% of the ICT goods on the South African market; the Small Appliances Development Association with 8 key members accounting for between 70% and 80% of the domestic appliances in the South African market; Sims Recycling, the world’s largest electronic waste recycling company; Desco ElectronicRrecyclers; and the Southern African E-waste Alliance.

The Industry Waste Management Plan started as a multi stakeholder process. ERA had electronics producers and recyclers in the same room for over three years addressing and formulating the Industry Waste Management Plan which they have now taken to the public for consultation.

The final consultative seminar will be held at Siemens in Midrand, Gauteng on 31 July 2018. The presentation can be downloaded using this link.