Agri sector desk

What we do

Our goal is to develop sustainable and competitive value chains in the agriculture sector.

We do this by working closely with farmers, businesses, investors and the Western Cape Government. These engagements provide us with valueable insights which we publish annually in the form of a market intelligence report, which focuses on green technology investment opportunities.

In collaboration with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture we have also developed a web-based information portal, GreenAgri, to provide updated, relevant and trustworthy information to farmers and other agriculture stakeholders.


We started this work in 2014 in collaboration with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture. This was motivated by:

  • The growing significance of agriculture and agri-processing in the Western Cape.
  • The impacts of climate change and resource scarcities (like water) on the sector.
  • The associated green investment and market opportunities within agri production.
  • The need for credible and readily accessible information on green technologies for farmers.

Focus areas

We focus on primary agriculture, in particular on:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Green technology

News and events

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