SEZ Resources


Short brochure: for those who would like a short overview of the proposed SEZ

Technical brochure: for those starting or exploring the business case for establishing their businesses in the SEZ


Background information

Atlantis SEZ Pre-Feasibility Report

Atlantis SEZ Feasibility Report

Atlantis SEZ Basic Assessment Report

Atlantis Revitalisation Framework (City of Cape Town)


News and events

Wat 'n suksesvolle SES vir sakebedrywighede in Atlantis kan beteken

English version here.   IsiXhosa version here. Daar word beraam dat daar teen 2030 $90 triljoen se investering in die globale groen ekonomie sal wees. Read more

What a successful SEZ could mean for Atlantis business

Afrikaans version here. IsiXhosa version here. It is estimated that by 2030, $90 USD trillion would have been invested in the global green economy. Read more


Resilience Case Study: IkamvaYouth: Building youth resilience in Atlantis, South Africa

GreenCape, in conjunction with the City of Cape Town and 100 Resilient Cities, has published a series of case studies showcasing practical examples of resilience in action in Cape Town. Read more

How to Invest in the Atlantis SEZ

How to invest in the Atlantis SEZ?Steps for application Ensure you have a new venture in a business that is "greentech". Read more