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GreenCape's Water Sector Desk's annual Market Intelligence Report is where investors and businesses will find snapshots and insights into the state of water resources and use, major policy and public sector programme activities and key green economy business opportunities.

GreenCape’s work in this space

The Western Cape is a water scarce region, with climate models predicting drier conditions in the future. There are no readily available surface water supply augmentation options. The region is also in the midst of a drought. Therefore the requirement to better manage existing water resources by reducing inefficiencies and improving re-use of existing resources is important to enable economic development.

GreenCape’s Water Sector Desk serves as a platform for the industry to access relevant information, source assistance in overcoming barriers, and connect to other stakeholders. This facilitation and networking role aims to improve the outcomes for green businesses working in the water sector, thereby increasing the availability and quality of water for all users in the Western Cape. 

Water Value Chain

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For questions or queries, or to access GreenCape’s services contact our Water Sector Desk: water@greencape.co.za


News and events

City of Cape Town releases updated Water Outlook Report 2018

The Department of Water and Sanitation at the City of Cape Town has released the latest Water Outlook Report 2018 detailing the latest information and update on the status of... Read more

GreenCape to host Innovations for Water Resilience Competition | 10 October 2018, Cape Town

The GreenCape Sector Development Agency and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) invites all innovators, start-ups, and businesses to pitch their water innovations or products to a panel of... Read more


Policy Brief: Water resource and development planning in the Berg Water Management Area

GreenCape has published a policy brief titled; A case for integration: Water resource and development planning in the Berg Water Management Area. Read more

GreenCape develops interactive Cape Town Drought Timeline

GreenCape has collated some pertinent data points and developed a Cape Town Drought Timeline documenting the events that led up to the 2017/18 water crisis until the present day. Read more