Get to know the team: Charis Jenkins
  Jul 5, 2021     News

GreenCape is pleased to announce the appointment of our new HR Administrator, Charis Jenkins.

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What is your background expertise and how does it relate to your role here at GreenCape?

I worked in the public sector for ten years and have an Undergraduate Degree in International Relations, an Honours degree in Public Management and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. My background expertise and experience is in Communications, Inter-governmental Relations, Lobbying & Advocacy, as well as Stakeholder Management. 

I started my career off in the Development Communications space at GCIS and then moved on to Corporate Communications at the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature (NCPL).  Critical listening, clear writing and good verbal communication skills are important skills that I believe every HR practitioner should have.  My experience in this area therefore relates well to my role as HR Administrator at GreenCape.

Following my time at the NCPL, I joined the South African Local Government Association as Advisor for Intergovernmental- & Municipal International Relations in the Northern Cape.  A significant part of this role was around stakeholder management, which refers to the ability to form and maintain positive relationships with stakeholders by managing their expectations, as well as the desired outcome appropriately.  Employees are stakeholders of their organisation, my experience and skills in this area would therefore serve GreenCape well.     

Lastly, I am also a certified Ethics Officer with the Ethics Institute of South Africa and can serve as an internal control point for ethics and improprieties, allegations, complaints and conflicts of interest. HR teams have access to very sensitive corporate information that range from budgets and salaries, to official offers and contracts. As such, it’s vital that HR practitioners keep such information to themselves and remain professional at all times.

What have been your favourite thing about GreenCape so far?

I have only recently started at GreenCape, so I’m still busy getting to understand the organisation and adapting to its culture. However, my favourite thing about working at GreenCape so far is that I have a manager, Jonel, that creates a collaborative and trusting team environment.

What project have you been working on as you start your role here at GreenCape?

I’ve handled employee documentation, including contracts, recruitment paperwork and assisting with payroll. I have also been coordinating candidate interviews and updating employee records & databases. I’m currently busy developing an interview guide, with interview questions & scoresheets, which we will be implementing soon.

Why do you do what you do?

I am a continuous learner and risk taker. The real world of business can be quite different from what one learns in academia, so this opportunity is really second to none. This is my first time in an HR role and the experience is providing me with a unique perspective into the organisation. One gets a strong understanding of an organisations’ priorities and challenges. One also gets insight into compliance with various laws, regulations and legislation, systems/solutions and employee expectations, that you don’t get exposed to when serving in other roles within the organisation.

What impact do you hope to achieve?

People are a critical component to a building and/or expanding a great company. Recruitment, hiring and retention are therefore particularly important when it comes to growing companies with great teams, so being in the HR space I would like to make a meaningful impact on this front at GreenCape.

What do you get up to on you spare time?

I’m an introvert and content in solitude. I love being out in nature and therefore play golf and often go on hikes. I also have two dogs, Hugo & Ousus, which I take for daily morning and every evening walks. Furthermore, I enjoy reading (non-fiction & self-help), watching documentary films and the occasional TV show (MasterChef Australia/ Voetspore & Air Crash Investigation being favourites).  South Africa has many charming, character-rich small towns and villages, so whenever I can I go and explore them. #ItsMySouthAfrica #TravelWiseMzansi