GreenCape and Cape Clothing and Textile Cluster host Industry Support Roundtable for Clothing and Textiles Sector
  Feb 23, 2018     News, event, business

On the 21 February 2018, GreenCape together with Cape Clothing and Textile Cluster hosted an Industry Support Roundtable to assist businesses in the Clothing, Textiles, Footwear and Leather industry in the drought-stricken Western Cape.

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The drought support event offered guests an update on the water crisis including insights into the possible short and long-term sustainable water-saving management solutions.  ACA Threads shared a presentation with guests on the company‚Äôs water-saving interventions and projects as a practical example of how an industrial organisation has adapted to the drought. In addition, an open discussion on critical challenges and potential support mechanisms for member firms was held. 

GreenCape offers drought business support to the clothing and textiles industry and various other industry members. To learn more, visit the GreenCape Drought Business Support webpage or contact

For more information on practical business solutions to the water crisis, visit the GreenCape Water Resilient Business webpage for access to Case Studies.


Download the event presentations below:

GreenCape: Managing Water Risk in the Western Cape Clothing and Textiles Sector

ACA Threads Case Study Presentation