GreenCape Installs New Energy Efficient Lighting
  Dec 12, 2013     GreenCape, News

26 x 50W Halogen down lighters have been replaced with locally manufactured 6Watt LED direct replacement lights, which use the existing MR16 fitting and driver, and allowed us to keep our existing fittings. This replacement made use of the Eskom Standard Product Offer programme.

Additionally, 18 x 5ft dual tube T8 luminaires with an average power consumption of 132W per unit have been replaced with energy efficient T5 luminaires, with an average power consumption of 66W per unit.

4 x 400W mercury vapour high bay lights were replaced with 2 low bay LED lamps with total consumption of 260W.

These retrofit projects will reduce the energy consumption from lighting from 10,921 kWh per year to 3,320 kWh per year, thus saving 7,601 kWh per year.

Where possible, locally manufactured lights were used and installations were done by local energy service companies that participate in the Eskom SPP and SOP programmes.

Lights were supplied by Marula LED, Sixt LED, LedZShine and Grey Green.