How to Invest in the Atlantis SEZ
  31/08/2018     News, Library, Document, Atlantis, South Africa, business, opportunity, greentech, green economy, Green Tech, Atlantis SEZ, Renewable Energy, international

How to invest in the Atlantis SEZ?

Steps for application

  1. Ensure you have a new venture in a business that is "greentech".
  2. Contact the Investment Promotions Manager: Jarrod Lyons - / 021 811 0250.
  3. If your business passes the initial screening, you will be provided with an application form. You will need to complete the form and submit supporting documentation, including a business plan.
  4. The application will be evaluated through a process which includes representatives of the Western Cape Government’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism DEDAT), the City of Cape Town, Wesgro and GreenCape.
  5. If your application is successful, the land area will be confirmed and the investment promotion team will support you in moving forward and setting up operations in the ASEZ.

Download one one page summary on how to invest in the Atlantis SEZ here.