Case Study: Hybrid-Microgrid - Alternative energy solutions for businesses: Pitstop Lodge
  Mar 17, 2020     News, Library, solar, energy, Renewable Energy, Energy Services, Case Study, ESKOM, PV, photovoltaic, green economy, SSEG, Solar PV

GreenCape has published yet another Energy Services case study looking at alternative energy solutions for businesses. This case study looks at how Pitstop Lodge, a multi-layered and eco-conscious restaurant located at an off-grid location along the scenic Clarence Drive near Gordon’s Bay,  decided to install a hybrid microgrid through a combination of a 70kWp roof- and ground-mounted solar photovoltaic system, complemented by a 100kVA generator and a 178kWh battery pack.

This decision was in response to meeting their electricity demand as Eskom could not extend the existing electricity grid to their location nor did their small PV system have the capacity to meet the restaurant's electricity demands.

This hybrid-microgrid system has allowed Pitstop Lodge to not only address their energy supply constraints but it has also helped them avoid the current load shedding crisis in South Africa.

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