IDC Innovative Technology Funding Meetup
  19/12/2017     News, event, energy, Green Finance

The SA Innovation Summit in collaboration with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is presenting a platform to unlock the economic potential of rising industrialists and to grow employment and the economy.

During a day-long MeetUp, the IDC’s New Industries Strategic Business Unit (SBU) will engage with businesses to fund and support innovative industries with the potential to shake up the business space.


Focus areas for funding

Clean Energy Solutions

  • New industries through localisation and domestication of clean energy solutions.
  • Related to, but not limited to: Energy Storage, Fuel Cells, Renewables etc.
  • Full Value Chain.
  • Minimum funding requirement R25m.


Natural Products

  • A vibrant and vertically integrated SA company in the natural products industry using indigenous and naturalised flora to produce differentiated food ingredients, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
  • Products using indigenous plants in pharmaceuticals, supplements and cosmetics.
  • Full Value Chain.
  • Minimum funding requirement R1m.


Industry 4.0

South Africa fully exploiting the opportunities presented by the fusion of physical, digital and biological technologies, a.k.a. 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 (“4IR”).

  • The focus is on DISRUPTION of existing value chains and, or business models.
  • Specific interest includes, but is not limited to: IoT & Industrial IoT, additive manufacturing (full value chain), Nano- and Bio-Tech, etc..
  • The  IDC will also consider service solutions.
  • Applications only considered if supported by a clear business model illustrating the disruptive nature of the business
  • Minimum funding requirement R1m.



WHEN: 24 January 2018

WHERE: IDC, 19 Fredman Drive, Sandown

WHO: Anyone with new and innovative technologies in the categories listed, seeking funding to accelerate their businesses.

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