Industry Brief: Entering the public water sector market
  Mar 31, 2021     News, Library, Document, Market Intelligence, water, GreenCape, South Africa, green economy, policy brief, Industry Brief, water sector desk

GreenCape has published a new industry brief titled "Entering the public water sector market".

The brief is a reference guide for water and wastewater businesses and investors looking to start or grow their public sector market share: From understanding the water sector, and procurement legislation, models and requirements, to targeting project roles and finding partners.

In South Africa, the public water sector is the largest water market segment, with ~R 41.5 billion spent on the procurement of infrastructure in the 2019/2020 financial year.

This brief aims to guide businesses who provide water and wastewater technologies, consumables and services, as well as financiers and investors, through the typical steps of entering the public water sector market, including:

  • Understanding the public water sector structure;
  • Finding a role for each type of business in a typical project lifecycle;
  • Understanding the relevant public procurement legislation, models, contracts and bidding requirements in preparation for bidding on public tenders;
  • Where to find a partner to bid with and how to secure a constructive partnership;
  • Approaches for demonstrating or trialling a technology.

To access the full brief, click here.