Industry Brief: Sustainable Groundwater Use
  Mar 31, 2021     News, Library, Document, water, GreenCape, South Africa, greentech, green economy, Green Tech, Industry Brief, water sector desk

GreenCape has published a new industry brief!

The industry brief is titled "Alternative Water Sources: Sustainable Groundwater Use: A guide for water users and businesses"

Groundwater is an increasingly important resource for meeting the country's water needs. It is imperative that as we increase our reliance upon it, that we use it in a sustainable manner. To this end, it is makes both environmental and business sense to manage it through careful monitoring. There are multiple success stories that showcase the benefit of taking a scientific approach towards monitoring and management, which ultimately results in sustainable use of groundwater.

In order to promote sustainable use, groundwater users should go beyond the general legislative requirements by measuring water
quality and water levels. Collecting data on groundwater level and quality informed management of groundwater use is not just beneficial to the aquifer, but also makes business sense.

To read more, download the industry brief here.