Case study: Integrated energy management
  Jun 29, 2021     News, Library, energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Services

GreenCape, supported by the City of Cape Town, has recently published a resilience case study, titled: Integrated energy management, focusing on building electricity and business resilence in the Cape Town retail market.

This case study takes a deep dive into the activities of Shoprite Constantia in Cape Town demonstrates a three-pronged approach to improve their business and electricity resilience journey.

The case study discusses:

  • The impact of chronic stresses (for example, load-shedding) and acute shocks (for example, COVID-19) on the resilience of businesses, particularly SMMEs.
  • The viability and significance of energy efficiency of energy efficiency technologies in improving a business’s agility in the face of chronic stresses and acute shocks.
  •  The case study example of Shoprite

The case study highlights key insights, challenge, solution, business benefits, future plans and lessons learned.

To download this case study, please click here.