Joint report on Industrial scale solar heat in South Africa released
  26/06/2017     Library, Document, solar, CRSES, WWF, Report, Bioeconomy, solar thermal

Working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES) we have published a technical report on Industrial scale solar heat in South Africa. The report highlights these two sectors as having particular potential for uptake of solar heating given their heating profiles.


As solar thermal is most economic at lower temperature applications, sectors with significant lower temperature needs will have greater potential. However, the efficiency at lower temperatures can still be utilised for higher temperature applications through pre-heating. The potential for the two sectors is estimated at 425 - 3758 GWh heat per annum for South Africa's agri-processing sector and 519 GWH of heat per annum for the textile sector. With energy costs rising, solar thermal is already financially viable for replacing most fossil fuels (heavy fuel oil, parafin, electricity diesel, petrol and liquified petroleum gas) with the possible exception of low cost coal.


With the report highlighting key conclusions for a) industries utilising heat, b) the solar thermal industry and finally c) policy makers to help realise uptake of this renewable energy.


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