Just Transition Study Tour: Learning from global partners
  Oct 28, 2019     News, South Africa, renewable, energy, green economy, Renewable Energy, international

Just Transition Study Tour GreenCape was invited by the European Union (EU) Commission’s SPIPA Programme (Strategic Partnerships for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement) and the GIZ Southern Africa, to a Just Transition Study Tour through Germany, Poland and Belgium. The tour was intended to assist non-European major economies, like South Africa, in making the best efforts towards meeting the Paris Agreement goals agreed upon. The tour allowed the South African delegation to learn from former coal mining regions on what they have done and learnt on their journey to a low carbon future thus far. 



Two notable events were organised and attended:

Seraj 1

The Climate Opportunity Conference in Berlin, Germany and the Platform for Coal Regions in Transition Workshops in Brussels, Belgium. Site visits were also arranged at former coal mines in Poland, Germany and Belgium.

Meetings were arranged with various experts in the Just Transition landscape in Europe, from government officials, NGOs, energy cluster agencies, civil society groups, worker representatives and economic development groups.



“My sense is that we are well-positioned to assist regions undergoing transition, to identify and unlock the full potential of the green economy (water, waste and energy sectors) for a low carbon future,” said Seraj Chilwan, who represented GreenCape on this trip. “This can assist greatly in job creation and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flowing into regions that are currently dependent on coal for mining and power generation purposes,” he added.

Written by: Seraj Chilwan, Energy Team, Smart Grids Project Manager