Meet the team: Marielle Hurter
  Aug 11, 2020     News, water sector desk, water for sustainable economic development, Non-revenue water reduction, water, WISA

GreenCape is pleased to introduce to our stakeholders a new appointment to our Water team. Marielle Hurter has joined our water team as our new Water Sector Analyst. For more information please get in touch with Marielle by email.

Marielle Hurter (Water Sector Analyst)

Marielle Hunter

What are your background expertise and how does that relate to what you’re doing now?

So I’m a chemical engineer by trade, I specialised in the water industry with a masters focusing on desalination, both from Stellenbosch University. I think what I bring to the team is technical knowledge relating to the water industry and a good grasp on water innovations. I spent the last two and a half years as a research and development engineer which laid strong technical foundations. I have spent ample time on water treatment plants and in the laboratory which, I believe, provides a unique perspective to the challenges faced when advancing the water sector.

What kind of impact are you hoping to have at GreenCape with this role?

In the context of GreenCape and the office environment, I hope to be an enthusiastic and positive force. I also aim to provide innovative solutions and a different way of thinking with regards to water provision, although I still have a lot to learn. In the greater context of the water sector I really hope we can make a significant and sustainable difference with regards to sanitation provision. Working on one of the sanitation projects has highlighted the importance of this to me and how this issue has been exacerbated by COVID-19.

What have you been working on since you’ve joined us here at GreenCape?

I’m working on 2 projects at the moment: one is establishing a green directory for GreenCape-FNF, the other one is a DEDAT project where we’re working on expanding the water innovation network and doing a lot of research and reading on non-sewer sanitation systems.

Why have you chosen this particular career path?

I feel like life is too short and so I think if you don’t spend your time trying to live in a sustainable way and creating a better future for the generations to come then what are you actually doing? so that’s my reasoning behind it.

Considering the that you’ve started at GreenCape during a national lockdown and you haven’t yet had a chance to be at the office to physically interact with the rest of the team, what has been your first impression of GreenCape so far?

Everyone has been very friendly, welcoming and very open. What impresses me most about everyone I’ve met at GreenCape is that they kind of demand you to be better because everyone works from a place of passion and creativity. I can really see there is meaning and impact behind the work and that motivates and excites me. I think that’s what I really enjoy about everyone I’ve come across is that they challenge you to keep learning and developing yourself.

What are your hobbies?

I love reading and watching documentaries, I also do some painting and I enjoy studying languages, I also tutor in my free time, the last one is not necessarily a hobby but I jog even though it’s not my absolute favourite thing.