Meet the team: Rudi Botha
  Aug 4, 2020     water, water sector desk, GreenCape, Cape Town, business, greentech, green economy, News

GreenCape is pleased to introduce to our stakeholders a new appointment to our Water team. Rudi Botha has joined our team, taking up the role of Senior Water Sector Analyst. If you are working in the water space and would like to get in touch with us, Rudi is your person! You can contact her via email.

Rudi Botha (Senior Water Sector Analyst)

Rudi Botha

What are your background expertise and how does that relate to what you’re doing now?

I am a civil engineer, specialising in wastewater treatment, I worked for 5 years at Aurecon as a consulting engineer so that feeds into my municipal infrastructure background in wastewater treatment and process design.

What kind of impact are you hoping to have at GreenCape with this role?

I’m hoping to make a difference in people’s lives and connect stakeholders to make a greener future.

What have you been working on since you’ve joined us here at GreenCape?

I’m working on the market intelligence report for water and also on the City of Cape Town Smart Water project looking at how to re-use wastewater sludge by either using it for composting or turning it into fuel or anything else except sending it to the landfill.

Why have you chosen this particular career path?

I thought wastewater treatment was really interesting while I was studying and that’s why I did my masters in it and since joining the water industry I’ve realised that it’s going to be our new currency so I think it’s important to be focusing on the water sector for our worlds livelihood for the future. It’s kind of by accident that I found myself in the water industry but I’m glad I’m in it

Considering that you’ve started at GreenCape during a national lockdown and you haven’t yet had a chance to be at the office to physically interact with the rest of the team, what has been your first impression of GreenCape so far?

It’s been fantastic, coming from a very corporate background I’ve noticed that everyone is very welcoming and friendly and creating a warm family-like environment that’s open to creativity which I’ve really missed because I haven’t had a chance to be creative. Here at GreenCape, I’m given all the opportunity to be creative with what I work on, how I work and who I work with which has been very liberating and exciting

What are your hobbies?

I have a commercial helicopter license so I fly helicopters tours at the waterfront on weekends. I also like to travel and hike and cycle and generally being outdoors and being with friends.