More Value, Less Waste: workshop on realising business opportunities through value-add to livestock value chain residues
  18/05/2017     News

As part of international bioeconomy expert, Kees Kwant of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency's visit to the Western Cape a workshop was held on the 9 May 2017 at the Graham and Rhona Beck Skills Centre (outside Robertson).


To explore the potential for value-add to organic residues and wastes in livestock value chains in the Western Cape.

To match businesses to local and overseas companies and experts to realise value-add cost savings & income.






Claude van Wyk, Netherlands Consulate

Context & motivation

Lauren Basson, GreenCape

Regional bioeconomies: international examples

Kees Kwant, Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Local context: South African bioeconomy

James Reeler, World Wildlife Fund - SA

Local context: SA livestock sector waste & value-add

Usisipho Gogela, GreenCape

Dutch case studies

Kees Kwant, Netherlands Enterprise Agency

South African Case studies:

DNA Biofuels


DW Botha, DNA Botha

Valorisation of Chicken Feathers: KZN & CSIR

 Cathy Pineo, GreenCape

Value-add to livestock value chain residues

Jarrod Lyons, GreenCape

Group Discussions

Opportunities, Drivers, barriers, futures challenges &

enabling environment

 All participants