Request for Proposals: An Integrated Energy Strategy for the Western Cape Stakeholder Engagement and Strategy Synthesis
  Jan 27, 2014     GreenCape, carbon, business, DOE, opportunity

This Integrated Energy Strategy needs to embrace the “One-Cape 2040” vision for Western Cape development, and be fully aligned with the Green Economy Strategic Framework and the draft Western Cape Climate Change Response Strategy (to be provided to the service provider).

The Western Cape Government is committed to shaping the provincial energy strategy within the context of national energy policy, which, in turn, is informed by the draft Integrated Energy Plan (Oct 2013) and the updated Integrated Resource Plan for electricity (Nov 2013).

A typical energy strategy will examine a range of supply options to satisfy a given energy demand, in order to meet key development imperatives, subject to a range of constraints. The challenge of identifying future “demand” is compounded by uncertainty in the complexity of development scenarios to be considered, the influence of market forces, prospects for disruptive technologies, and a host of exogenous variables (including climate change impacts).

Read the full Request for Proposals and apply by Monday 3 February 2014 at 12h00. Electronic submissions should be submitted to the Strategic Initiatives Manager (E: Queries for clarification can also be sent to this address.