Case Study: Resilience-led economic responses to an acute shock
  Oct 12, 2021     Library, News, Resilience, Case Study

GreenCape, supported by the City of Cape Town, has recently published a case study titled: Resilience-led economic responses to an acute shock

The case study focuses on lessons learnt from implementing a series of resilience-led economic interventions to support the business of green during the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The targeted interventions were focused on supporting the City of Cape Town’s (CCT) green business community, as well as the regional and national economy. This case study is written for: 

  • Cities and regions exploring international collaborations to create a resilient network
    to draw on during acute shock events (e.g. severe regional droughts or global
    health pandemics);
  • Cluster organisations that in many instances play a key co-ordination role during acute shocks; and
  • The International Cleantech Network’s (ICN) member cluster organisations and their constituents, to document the lessons learnt to inform future global collaborations to grow the green economy.

For more details about the background, key insights, solutions and the impact of the case study, please click here