RFP: Expert services to assist with the development of a Waste Management Policy & Regulatory Tool
  Sep 12, 2014     Library, Tool, RFP

GreenCape's Waste Economy Project would like to commission a service provider (legal firm) with specialists in legislation and regulations pertaining to energy, waste & environmental management, development & planning, and municipal administration to review the policy and legislation database developed in-house thus far, and mentor an in-house researcher to expand this database to ensure that it is comprehensive. The appointment is expected to last 6-8 weeks. 

The following will be expected of the service provider i.e. to:
(i) Review the information collated to date by the GreenCape researcher to identify any gaps and include relevant regulations (Anticipated hours: 8-16).
(ii) Provide guidance/strategy as to how to re-organise the information effectively. The information gathered thus far has been organised based on technology type e.g. anaerobic digestion, incineration etc. Based on the initial feedback received, this needs to be changed to an action-based database that is aligned with the legislation e.g. storage of waste, transport of waste etc (Anticipated hours: 7-8).
(iii) Mentor the GreenCape researcher as the database is expanded and reorganised, and review the work on a weekly basis. This may include (where necessary) editing the information presented to ensure it reflects (the (interpretation of) the legislation
accurately. It is expected the mentoring and review will require dedicated time on a weekly basis. Anticipated hours: 3-5 per week.

The service provider appointed will therefore be awarded a contract on an anticipated total input which will be subject to review by all parties and adjusted should the need arise.

The deadline for submission of proposals is Wednesday 17th September 2014 at 12h00. Electronic submissions should be submitted to the Waste Economy team at projects@green-cape.co.za. Queries for clarification can also be sent to this address. Please ensure the header reflects accurately the project as the email address is being used for a number of different project within GreenCape.

See the full RFP document for more details.