RFQ: Gender Specialist to Support the GreenCape, City of Cape Town & UK PACT Project 2022 – Alternative Sanitation Provision for Informal Settlements
  Jun 23, 2022     News


Established in 2010, GreenCape is a non-profit organisation that drives the widespread adoption of economically viable green economy solutions from South Africa. GreenCape works with businesses, investors, academia and government to unlock the investment and employment potential of green technologies and services, and to support a transition to a resilient green economy. Our aim is to be globally relevant in driving the uptake of green economy infrastructure solutions in the developing world.  

We require a a gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) specialist to help inform the design and identification of service delivery models that maximise on gender and social impacts.

Project Background and Context

The City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation (W&S) Directorate provides a range of sanitation solutions to informal settlements. Installation of flush toilets is generally prioritised. Where it is not possible to provide full flush toilets (e.g. due to technical, legal, infrastructural, land or zoning constraints), the City offers three main types of non-sewered sanitation solutions:
chemical toilets and two container-based sanitation 1 (CBS) options: portable flush toilets (lightweight, plastic, in-home toilets) and container toilets (plastic toilets housed within concrete structures, shared between households).

Interested individuals are invited to submit quotations to undertake this work.

Consultancy Aim

In support of GreenCape’s project, GreenCape will be appointing a service provider to undertake research and analysis to identify and evaluate alternative sanitation delivery models (a separate RFQ has been prepared for this work and is available on request from GreenCape).

This RFQ aims to appoint a consultancy that will work closely with the project team (GreenCape and the abovementioned service provider), and will provide input into the design and identification of service delivery models that maximise on gender and social

Scope of activities

  • Engage with the project team to provide input into the design and identification of alternative sanitation models that maximise gender and social impacts
  • Prepare a report on how to incorporate gender into sanitation provision in informal settlements.
  • General ad hoc support to the project team to ensure that gender is adequately considered in the project recommendations and outputs


  • GESI report outlining how to incorporate gender into sanitation provision (and service delivery models) for informal settlements
  • Progress meetings with project team and City of Cape Town


This consultancy will need to align with GreenCape’s other project activities and is expected to take place between July and November 2022. The final GESI report will be due by 1 November 2022.

Skills and expertise

The consultant is expected to have at least a Master’s degree in gender studies, or another discipline with a focus on the field of gender issues in a developing country context. The consultant must have a minimum of 5 years working experience with gender mainstreaming issues in a developing country and South African context. A consultant who has experience in the sanitation sector will be at an advantage.

Please email the above documentation to Samuel Pillay at samuel@greencape.co.za by 6 July 2022, using the reference: GreenCape UKPACT Sanitation Informal Settlements GESI RFQ 2022. Please note that a failure to submit any of the required documentation could result in the bidder being excluded from the tender process.

For any queries related to this RFQ, please email: samuel@greencape.co.za

Please download the full scope of work here.