RFQ: GreenCape, City of Cape Town & UK PACT Project 2022 – Alternative Sanitation Provision for Informal Settlements
  Jun 23, 2022     News


Established in 2010, GreenCape is a non-profit organisation that drives the widespread adoption of economically viable green economy solutions from South Africa. GreenCape works with businesses, investors, academia and government to unlock the investment and employment potential of green technologies and services, and to support a transition to a resilient green economy. Our aim is to be globally relevant in driving the uptake of green economy infrastructure solutions in the developing world.  

We require a service provider to undertake research and analysis to identify and evaluate alternative sanitation delivery models.

Project Background and Context

One of our current projects for UK PACT focuses on supporting the implementation of the City of Cape Town’s Infrastructure Planning and Delivery Framework (IPDF) and in one of the work packages for this project, we are assisting the City of Cape Town in exploring what viable opportunities exist to provide sanitation to the City’s informal settlement residents, utilising alternative models of service provision.

Interested individuals are invited to submit quotations to undertake this work.


The appointed service provider is also expected to work closely with a gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) expert that GreenCape will appoint separately. The service provider is expected to collaborate with the GESI expert to enable them to support this analysis and help inform the design and identification of service delivery models that maximise on gender and
social impacts.

The appointed service provider would be expected to work closely with GreenCape (regular catch ups), and GreenCape will provide input and guidance where needed.

Scope of work

In support of GreenCape’s project, the appointed service provider will be expected to undertake research and analysis to identify and evaluate alternative sanitation delivery models that will include the following activities:

  • Identify and outline alternative sanitation delivery models that are potentially viable for the City. This will be done in collaboration with GreenCape and the potential models listed in the previous section (regulator; changing the scope of nature of the procurement; free basic alternative sanitation subsidy; service provider) should be among those explored
  • Provide an overview of the legislative, regulatory and procurement requirements that wouldneed to be fulfilled for these models to be viable
  • Evaluate the cost effectiveness of these models for recipients, as well as the financial implications for the City of pursuing these models
  • Outline the potential impact these models could have on service delivery standards and levels
  • Propose a practical consideration of community engagement and acceptance for the potential models of service delivery (noting that current services are provided free of charge, it is anticipated that a strong value proposition would be needed for this model, including consideration of community revenue generation and employment)
  • Propose how the models could potentially interface with the City’s formal services model (e.g. disposal of waste at landfill, treatment plants etc.)
  • Outline the risks and mitigating factors associated with each alternative service delivery model


  • Inception report
  • Final report covering the scope of work, including any key recommendations (in Word format. And other associated files, e.g. spreadsheets)
  • Progress meetings with GreenCape and City of Cape Town (PowerPoint presentations may be required from the service provider)

Date of delivery

The scope of work must be completed by 15 November 2022.

Please email the above documentation to Samuel Pillay at samuel@greencape.co.za by 6 July 2022, using the reference: GreenCape UKPACT Sanitation Informal Settlements RFQ 2022. Please note that a failure to submit any of the required documentation could result in the bidder being excluded from the tender process.

For any queries related to this RFQ, please email: samuel@greencape.co.za

Please download the full scope of work here.