Riaan Smit, Eskom, Presentation
  Dec 4, 2014     Library, event, ESKOM, presentation

With over 110 registered attendees, we hope that you are finding value in the services we offer in helping grow the green economy.

A few important points from Riaan Smit's presentation, as follows:

  • It is crucial to thoroughly interrogate Eskom's Grid Connection Capacity Assessment (GCCA) documents, as they are slightly more complex than the numbers would indicate at first glance;
  • There is need to consider other criteria for selection of plant sites. This is nothing new to those developing projects, but with increasing uptake of the "sweet spots", one might start considering sites with grid capacity where the renewable resources are not as good;
  • Riaan has indicated that he is open to responding to technical questions on connection issues, of course within the limits.

For more information, please see the full presentation, or contact Renewable Energy Sector Manager, Maloba Tshehla: maloba@green-cape.co.za