SA Plastics Pact Launches Roadmap to 2025!
  Oct 6, 2020     News, Document, Library, waste, GreenCape, recycling, green economy, SA Plastics Pact

The South African Plastics Pact has kicked off its first member conference. One of the key activities of the member conference is the launch of the SA Plastics Pact Roadmap - a document which outlines the key activities and key outcomes to be achieved as Pact members continue the journey to achieving the four ambitions targets set by the Pact.

The SA Plastics Pact Roadmap shows what the members and supporters of the Pact will do to deliver the SA Plastics Pact targets, with key outcomes in two interim milestones (mid 2021 and end 2023), and finally end 2025.

The roadmap aims to inspire and mobilise members and supporters to act, and to galvanise wider action by national government departments, city authorities, NGOs, funders, packaging/product designers, brand owners, retailers and others who are not members of the SA Plastics Pact but have a crucial role to play.

The activities and outcomes outlined in this Roadmap aim to build upon the work and programmes already being undertaken in South Africa to maximise the benefits of plastic packaging and design out negative impacts, so as not to duplicate efforts.

Achieving the targets will bring huge benefits for SA, however it will require hard decisions to be made, significant investment and some compromises. The Roadmap is a living document and will evolve in future versions.

To access the Roadmap, click here.