Jan 16, 2017     Library, Tool, Report, Renewable Energy, SSEG

GreenCape has developed a resource pack to assist all relevant stakeholders involved in the installation, management and ownership of SSEG systems, where those systems have generation capacity of less than 1 MW (1000 kW) and feed electricity into the municipal electrical grid. The Guidelines and supporting documentation below have been written for the following stakeholders:

  • SSEG project developers
  • Residential and commercial property owners
  • SSEG installers
  • Energy consultants commissioned to design SSEG systems
  • Municipal officials involved in SSEG generation
  • Registered professional engineers, professional technologists or professional engineering technicians who are involved in SSEG commissioning

The Guidelines document (provided below in MS Word format for easy adaptation/editing) provides stakeholders relevant guidance regarding draft municipal SSEG rules, regulations, tariffs and application processes. The sections highlighted in yellow can be changed in order to tailor the documents for specific circumstances and/or municipalities.

The documents under Additional Resources form part of the resource pack and should be read with the Guidelines.

Guidelines on SSEG

Small scale embedded generation Guidelines

Additional resources

List of approved inverters

Basic tariff guiding principles for SSEG

Ten questions municipalities should be asking about the Guidelines above