Solar PV for businesses in the Western Cape - Industry Brief
  15/01/2018     Library, Document, business, Industry Brief, Renewable Energy, Solar PV, SSEG

GreenCape has published an industry brief promoting the business case for solar PV installations in the Western Cape.

The industry brief highlights the following:

  • The financial viability of solar PV installations
  • The local and national government support available to customers, including info on small scale embedded generation (SSEG) regulations for installing solar PV
  • The municipalities that allow the installation of solar PV and where electrcity can be fed into the grid 

Ultimately the brief highlights that Solar PV can save businesses up to 16% in electricty costs, meaning systems often pay for themselves within 3 - 8 years of installation.

In the Western Cape, the installed solar PV capacity asat Q2/2017 is 38MW.

Download the industry brief by clicking the image below.

Solar PV Brief2