Industry Brief: Energy Security in South Africa: the business case for energy storage
  May 17, 2020     solar thermal, Solar PV, Energy Services, Smart Electricity, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Industry Brief, green economy, photovoltaic, PV, greentech, solar, energy, South Africa, Cape Town, GreenCape, Document, Library, News

GreenCape has published a new industry brief titled: Energy Security in South Africa: the business case for energy storage.

South Africa had the worst year of loadshedding on record in 2019 (1352 GWh, 530 hours), with up to Stage 6 load shedding being implemented.

The current energy crisis in South Africa, coupled with the decreasing cost for energy storage systems, will see the market for back-up power as a replacement for diesel generation and solar PV hybrid increase.

If a quarter of new build solar PV systems installed have a storage component coupled with it, there could be a potential storage market of roughly 200MWh per annum, which can be translated to roughly R2 billion market size in a year.

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