The Future of Oil and Gas in South Africa: Webinar and Workshop
  May 25, 2017     News, event

A two hour workshop / webinar, titled 'The Future of Oil and Gas in South Africa', will take place at the University of Cape Town (UCT) on 7 June 2017 at 17:00.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to engage with a focused perspective on the medium- to long-term view on the future of oil and gas in South Africa and the surrounding region. It is not intended to address the immediate challenges facing the sector but will ask some critical questions about the way forward and capture the complexity of the arguments, and point the way to an engagement model for all key stakeholders going forward. To see the event flyer, click here.

Invited presenters include:

  • Professor Stefaan Simons, Chair IChemE Energy Centre
  • Professor Jim Petrie, IChemE Energy Centre Board member
  • The South African National Energy Association
  • The South African Oil and Gas Alliance
  • The South African Petroleum Industry Association
  • The Petroleum Agency of South Africa

Some of the key issues that will be addressed include:

1. How the Oil & Gas sector will respond to a low carbon energy future imperative?

2. How these developments will impact other dimensions of economic activity, including all aspects of energy supply and demand?

3. What are the specific challenges and opportunities for South Africa and the region?

To register to attend the workshop at UCT, click here.

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