Trade and Industry Policies and Strategies Forum 2017
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The Annual Trade and Industry Policies and Strategies (TIPS) Forum was held at the Development Bank of South Africa with this year's theme being Industrialisation and sustainable growth. The forum brought together actors from a wide range of institutions from national and provincial levels with plenary talks from the department of trade and industry (dti), The National Panning Commissioner and Trade  & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS). With the speakers touching on the need to get a better understanding of industrialisation and sustainable growth while ensuring that the poor and marginalised in society are included, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

GreenCape was afforded to the opportunity to share some of the work they have been doing to help encourage sustainable growth with "The role and nature of industrial symbiosis for South Africa" on the first day. That was very positively received with industrial symbiosis highlighted as one of the key opportunities going forward in the closing plenary on the next day.

GreenCape's second paper: "Towards labour absorptive, low-carbon economic development: Identifying interventions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in key agricultural value chains in the Western Cape" was presented in the morning of the second day in the agricultural value chains and sustainability session.


For a full schedule and papers refer to the TIPS website


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