UPDATE: Correction to 2018 Waste Market Intelligence Report
  Jun 25, 2018     News, Market Intelligence, waste, GreenCape, recycling, green economy, POLYCO, organic waste, waste sector desk, Market Intelligence Report

We have republished our 2018 waste market intelligence report (MIR). This was the result of an error which we only picked up after our first publication and which we have since corrected. While we make every attempt to ensure that all the information in the reports we publish is correct, sometimes errors do creep in. We pride ourselves on a high standard of work but these human errors can occur from time to time.

Please note that in the previous version, on page 50, reference is made to Polyco offering franchise opportunities for its Packa-ching initiative. This is incorrect. Polyco is currently investigating a role-out model, but no decisions have been made. As such, there are no franchise opportunities on offer.

The MIR has since been updated to reflect this. We would like to apologise to Polyco and others for any inconvenience caused.

A free and updated version of the report can be downloaded here.