WISP Case Study: Fabricating Innovation
  Mar 3, 2020     News, Library, Wisp, waste, recycling, Case Study

The Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme (WISP), delivered by GreenCape, develops mutually profitable links between companies from all industrial sectors, so that under-utilised resources such as energy and water, and/or materials from one company can be recovered, reprocessed and re-used by others

The WISP team was presented with a challenge of assisting Farbe Designs, a dynamic, Stellenbosch-based clothing company with setting up a waste management programme at their site for the 2 tonnes of underutilised textile, plastic and paper resources the company produces per month. Since there are currently no textile recyclers in Cape Town, the WISP team connected Farbe Designs with CSK Handling, a KZN based textile recyling company that has a baling facility in Epping,Cape Town.

The baled materials are then transported to their recyling facility in KZN, prodcuing different types of products that are then sold back to the market. This new relationship helped divert approximately 20 tonnes of textile and recyclable waste each year from landfill, creating nearly R8 000 per annum in economic benefits.

More information on this case study can be accessed here.