WISP Case Study: Vegetable Waste to Value Add Products including Biogas
  Jul 29, 2020     News, Library, recycling, Case Study, waste sector desk, waste, Wisp, biogas, greentech, biowaste, biofuels, investment, green economy, organic waste, Bioeconomy, Bioenergy

The Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme (WISP), delivered by GreenCape, develops mutually beneficial links between companies from all industrial sectors, so that under-utilised resources such as energy and water, and/or materials from one company can be recovered, reprocessed and re-used by others.

WISP introduced Global Energy, a consulting and turnkey green economy project company that includes innovative organic waste management, renewable energy solutions through to biogas from anaerobic digestion technology, to Rennie Farms, a farm that produces ~5000 tonnes of tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs annually. Global Energy had secured a capital investment of R1.2 million to demonstrate the viability of anaerobic digestion as a decentralised organic waste treatment solution.

This new synergy has allowed for Global Energy to develop a biogas technology project that meets the specific needs of Rennie Farms. It was determined that the value add products from the organic waste would include using the boigas produced to generate combined heat and power, with the digestate product being used on the farm.

Read the full case study here.